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    UPDATE: Al'Akir, Cho'gal and Nefarian down!

    Hi guys!

    Gonna make this short and sweet for now, mostly because I'm still lazy as hell.

    TD is back in business! As most of you know, we quit the hardcore raiding scene after downing Lich King back in wotlk. Now that Cataclysm is here, the majority of us are back and kickin' ass and whatnot! Or well, kickin' ass on a smaller scale now. We won't be invested in hardcore 25 man raiding anymore and will instead focus on a lighter/casual raiding schedule focused on 10 mans. Oh, and a lot of PVP of course! Hoping to have our premade BG group owning it up in the next few days. That's the aim currently at least. Who knows what the future holds!

    So for all the old TDians who were thinking about returning to the WoW scene. We're still here! Arms open, ready for a warm grope... erm... embrace... and stuff!

    More updates, including those of our recent raid boss kills, to come later, when I'm less lazy!


    TD OUT!

    We started out as TripleDot on Al'Akir. And we're now ending as Technical Difficulties on Auchindoun. I could make a totally epic speech here, but I remain as lazy as ever and most of you don't deserve to bask in the eye-orgasming awesomeness of my words anyway! So let's make this brief... ;)

    Technical Difficulties is no longer a raiding guild. Some of the core members have been together for 5 years and we've had a hell of a time. But now, with most of the people burnt out from raiding and some from the game itself (myself included), we decided to gracefully retire.

    The guild will continue to stay around for the people who want to continue playing casually of course. And for those that want to continue raiding, I wish you the best of luck in finding a new home.

    ex-DoVers/TripleDot/Technical Difficulties have left the building. Good night and Good luck!


    A new home

    After several years of Al'Akirs lag and complications we decided to relocate with help of the FCM to Auchindoun. We took this opportunity to rename to <Technical Difficulties> since we feel it fits us better. We have high hopes for this server and are looking forward to raiding without lag and queues!

    Better Late Than Never

    We finally managed to kill the big bad spider , even with a little extra - Mad skill coming next week



    WHERE... IS... PADME...

    IS SHE SAFE...?

    IS SHE... ALRIGHT...?!



    (At least no one can say we don't update our main page more often now!)

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