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  • Just when you thought we couldn't be any lazier...

    Taking a look at the last update on the site makes me cringe. A lot happened since then (naturally...) and as I have to uphold my title of being a lazy ass mofo, this will be short and sweet. We finally got Glory of the Ulduar Raider on Thursday the 20th of August 2009 after beating Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood. Hooray, etc! Summer was a slow slow period for our esteemed raiders and I'm glad to see us back on track. Somewhat anyway. Algalon left and hopefully he'll bite the dust before the hard modes of the new Colosieum instance are unlocked. And since I'm so lazy, I'll leave you here without even spellchecking Colosieum. Adieu!


    TripleDot Recruitment!

    Summer is here and people have started pissing off for vacations and whatnot. Therefore we have opened our doors to new applications yet again! Check out the recruitment info section of the site to check out all the new classes we're currently looking for to join our raiding roster for some Ulduar action!

    And ofc, here's some motivation:


    Ulduar Report 5!

    Hi again! I was slacking with updates again but decided to make an exception for this one at least!

    We killed General Vezax on Sunday the 26th and then started focusing on Yoggy himself.


    After a little practice on Sunday and for a full raid on Monday, he finally died tonight on the 4th (or 3rd...?) try. Hooray etc!


    The instance was loads of fun and while we didn't exactly speed clear it like other guilds, we're still happy with this accomplishment! Looking forward to trying the Hard Modes starting this Wednesday!

    Till next time!

    PS: We're still recruiting!

    TripleDot Recruitment open for Ulduar!

    Hello boys and girls! TripleDot is recruiting more active raiders to join us in Ulduar!

    http://www.tripledot.eu/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=67&p=565#p565 for more info!

    We are currently looking for an experienced Enhancement Shaman, Resto Druid and Healing Priest!

    Looking forward to your applications! And here's Ms. Fox for some hardcore motivation.


    Ulduar Report 4!

    Mimiron down! Rather fast even.


    Then we spent ages wiping on the trash before Vezax and couldn't really get more than an hour's worth of training... and then it spawned all over again... -_- We've got the tactics for the encounter down now though and he should die next time. Sucks that it's Wednesday already though! Need to zoom through the previous bosses so we can down him and get some quality time with Yoggy.

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