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  • Ulduar Report 3!

    Two more bite the dust on Monday's raid! Freya first, very easy encounter without the achievement as expected.


    Decided to go Ignis next after hearing confirmations he was finally bug-free. And so we was. Went down rather smoothly.


    We then spent the entire raid getting the feel of Mimiron. He's easily the most challenging encounter in the instance yet and we had some good fun with him. Although we have him down in Normal mode, I'm sure it'll take some time for a heroic kill (we did get him to phase 3 though). Hoping it'll work out till tomorrow's raid though!

    Ulduar Report 2!

    Three more bosses down in Ulduar this Sunday!

    Started with Auriaya and we managed to get the Crazy Cat Lady achievement as well. The hardest part about the fight was figuring out how to best deal with the damn pussy cats jumping on our tanks and 1 shotting them. Rest was cake.


    We decided to go Thorim next. Was a pretty messy kill with very few people left alive.


    Hodir was next and while we beat the encounter in very few tries, the kill was very messy as well. Infact, I actually thought we were wiping and released JUST as he died. Missed the achievement even :(


    Fun bosses so far! People say Ignis is finally FIXED now and a lot of guilds have him down so we should be getting him down next before the remaining four encounters.

    Ulduar Report 1!

    I'm happy to report that I've been just as lazy with updates on the main page as I was four years ago when I started playing this game! I am however, happier to report that like four years ago, bosses have started dropping dead in a new instance! Ok, it isn't as challenging as Molten Core was in those days (not yet anyway) but it's still fun!

    So Ulduar launched on the 15th and as expected we were greeted by every imaginable server related issue, ranging from people falling through Dalaran from eternity and being stuck on the delightful loading screens for a long time. We still managed to get a laggy raid going and beat the first encounter, Flame Leviathan, without the Hard Mode on extremely easily. After that it was impossible to do anything and we decided to just start properly the next day.

    Razorscale was next and it proved to be more challenging than the first fight but that wasn't saying much. We nearly killed her the first try even.


    XT-002 came next and he/she/it clearly wins the award for best voice acting for a boss, ever! Once we got comfortable with the encounter and got solid positioning going (which also didn't take very long at all), he/she/it went down fast as well.


    Then came the mistake of us going for Ignis. After dealing with some really annoying trash (*^*&%^&*%% spinning tornado thingees...) we had loads of fun with Ignis's bugged cauldron and aggro resetting adds that refused to heat up. We wasted an hour or so there and decided to call it a day. The encounter wound up getting some nice nerfs and fixes later that night.

    We managed to get a raid going on Friday, special thanks to the ex-raiders who decided to help out! Went for the Iron Council first and downed them after a couple of tries (with the Stormcaller dude killed last). Afterwards came Kologarn which was an even simpler encounter (besides the mad damage from his grip thingee with his right arm). Then we decided to go for Ignis as he had gotten nerfs and fixes but unfortunately that wasn't so as the first thing he did was melee people who managed to get into his cauldron. We got a few good tries on him though and got a good strategy down before we decided to end the raid.


    So there you have it! This time we actually bothered to pose infront of the corpses of the bosses so hopefully I'll have some nice pictures up here whenever someone bothers to send them to me. I just took a look at the Al'akir raid progress thread and apparently Yogg Saron is down already. It's pretty unreal how some guilds have been raiding for 12-16 hours STRAIGHT and I commend their stamina and ability to maintain focus for that long.

    Anyway, while we can't raid all day long and have absolutely no PTR experience, we should still have more bosses down during our next raid on Sunday. While Ulduar is undoubtedly fun, the encounters are rather easy if done without the achievements. So, till next time homies!

    WE WANT YOU!!!

    Why, hello there! I am hereby officially announcing that TripleDot (the awesomest alliance guild ever!!1) is now recruiting the following classes!


    Balance Druid



    Info on what we need from our applicants: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=68

    You can apply on the Recruitment forums or send a PM to any of the officers.

    So, apply! And be a part of something special. Very special! ;)

    Oh... HAI!

    Old news at the moment, but I thought I'd make some sort of update thingee before it became ancient! At the moment, we've cleared just about all raiding content in Wrath of the Lich King. Naxxramas turned out to be very trivial and we cleared it as soon as we had 25 level 80s available (some people took their sweet time ofcourse...). Malygos was a little more challenging and a fun encounter, took us around 3 hours or so to kill him. As for Sartharion, we just killed him recently with 2 adds up. We'll go for him with 3 adds up in a day or two and that should turn out to be fun!

    Anyway, as all the bosses were so easily killed, no one felt like posing for any kill shots. If any of you happen to have some lying around, by all means post them here! I really hope that the next instance will turn out to be a little more challenging and less welfare friendly so we could actually feel happy to post a nice looking kill shot. Till then, you'll have to do with a picture of Megan Fox!

    Image Better looking than any boss corpse or epic loot! <3

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