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Why, hello there! *MoP edition*

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 12:44 pm
by Mystere

Yup, we're back in business. Again! We're focusing on 10 mans and have managed very decent progress in Throne of Thunder, especially considering it's only been a little more than a month since we brought back some of the good ol' gang:

The divine leadership:

Mystere, Retribution Paladin: Self proclaimed God and Savior of Humanity/Jack Bauer. Wielder of many a weapon, except Sulfuras. Fuck you in your fiery little bumhole Ragnaros... :(
Teysa, aka Ninny/Nonny/Dibby, Protection Paladin: After a brief stint as a smelly horde (and an even briefer stint in an inferior guild), Ninny is back, this time as a Paladin (or should we say, Pun-adin. Second only to Mystere in awesomeness (DEAL WITH IT DIPSHIT).
Shoto, aka Linoge, Mistweaver Monk: The once lovable bald human mage Linoge is now a somewhat less lovable gnome Monk. His cocoons are much appreciated.
Cheryn, aka Min, Elemental Shaman: Min the Bin, Min the Butcher, Min the Saucy Scamp. He's probably played just about every class to death and has now decided to stick to his shaman, simply because chain lightnings are so shiny!
Luthien, BOOMKIN: The stooned drood has returned once again, but with a twist! Tired of being a sad looking tree, Hoolianz has now opted to provide our raids with much-needed moonfiarz. Too bad the more he shuns healing us, the more we wind up needing a third healer. Such is life Looth!

Our esteemed raiding members:

Vinsent, Dorf hunter: The DORF's return was later than most and his quest to find a new weapon has been both heartbreaking and amusing. Now that his gear isn't complete horseshit, he intends to kick ass and take names, his trusty sidekick Jak the Tiger always at his... er... side.
Reiyan, aka Shiyan/LittleTortillaBoy, Resto Shaman: The grumpy Finn decided to play a shaman because who wants to be an overpowered shield spamming priest cunt anyway?! Now everyone PLEASE gather the fuck up for his chain heals or he'll start singing the Pokémon theme song in Finnish again.
Thrallala, aka Nadie/Luke, Rogue: A friend of Min's, which can only mean he's special in that special way. Although he never raided with us pre-MoP, he was always sort of around. Seems to be a spider magnet.
Arcs, Mage: The 'other Paki' of TD. Prays for combustion procs. Gets hit in the face by shadowbolts/fireballs/meteors/lightning/sand/rocks/debris/planets instead.
Ráhab, Warlock: The dancing gnome and MMA extraordinaire. Used to raid with us folks back in Vanilla days and decided to go social so he could focus on more important stuff, such as leveling Mystere's alts. His summons, portals and healthstones are greatly appreciated by us noobs.
Tsuli, aka Terrytate/Telamonn, Blood Death Knight: He's British and he doesn't like bad puns. TOO BAD bruv, said Nonny.
Cleavens, aka Nightrunner, Fury warrior: Nighty's back, on his warrior this time, since he prefers playing a class that requires TWO weapon drops. And we all know how awesome our luck with non-caster weapon drops is... :)
Cenzura, aka Dejavu, Priest: A new addition to the TD family, Cenzura is a mysterious Dane with a mysterious job that has the worst freaking timings ever. We'll find out what you do one day. One day...
Varjopapitar, aka Maxentius, Shadowpriest: While he's not in the guild itself (something we hope to remedy one day!) good ol' Max has hung up his healing gear in favor of melting faces (which he excels at a little too much, much to Mystere's dismay) in TD. A class change didn't make him any less of a notorious gnome patter.

Special guests (aka, people I wish would raid with us more often but are instead busy with better things):

Khalèèsi, aka Edina, Discipline priest: Edina finally decided to renew his account, because what guild is complete without an Italian?! We hope to see him more often in our raids, at least when he's not busy barebacking every willing hole in all of Florencio. Dirty little gnome...
Naimie, aka Staberella/Stabby/Daisy Duck, Priest: Although she's moved on to greener pastures, Stabby still pops by here and there to grace us with her much-appreciated presence.

That's about it! I'm still in touch with most of our good ol' raiders, while several are still fuck knows where. If any of you stumble upon this site again, pop up by the forums and say hi! I won't pull you back in. I swear! ;)

Re: Why, hello there! *MoP edition*

PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2013 4:44 pm
by Thrallala
hi ever1 ist blurogue:D

Re: Why, hello there! *MoP edition*

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 9:42 pm
by Reiyan
I find the lack of updates disturbing. Mystere you suck.