Not slacking or anything it's just that...

Not slacking or anything it's just that...

Postby Reiyan » Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:41 am

Ah look at the sky...So blue and the sun is shining. Waaaait a minute...Grey clouds everywhere?! Rain?! Storms?! It's holiday tiiiime in Europe wohoo!

"So why no updates Reiban?! I see in WoWProgress that you've killed more bosses in Orgrimmar but y no updts?! Hang this man and spit in his mouth right now?!"
While I'd be up for the spitting part I must say it's jolly good you noticed the lack of news. You see, there's a fly over there. Go kill it.


Ps. Spoils and Thok dead.
Pss. Blackfuse has gadgets.
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